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Elk Grove’s Best Escape Room

(according to Yelp and our Mothers)

Want to escape a serial killer for your birthday? Or solve a conspiracy theory for your next corporate event or team building exercise? Do you have a smoking hot date you’re looking to impress? Or if you’re just looking for fun things to do in and around the Sacramento area? If so, then you should click that big book now button below, because you’ve just found exactly what you’re looking for.

Exit Strategy Games is located in the Sacramento area, and according to the mail, man we’re technically inside the city of Elk Grove. We are Elk Grove’s premier escape room experience. We will lock you in a room, and when we say lock, we mean we actually lock you in a room. We’ll give you and your team 60 minutes to search for clues, solve puzzles and escape the room before time runs out. We have a brand new private room policy. Many escape rooms will make you play with strangers if your group is not big enough. But here, we never make you play with strangers! Our private escape rooms can accommodate 2-12 players (check each room for minimum and maximum players). Check out our FAQ’s for more details.

What Is An Escape Room?

Puzzles, clues, hints — mix that together with a dab of mystery and a smattering of adrenaline, and you’ve got an escape room. In a world deluged with video games and living vicariously through your favorite movies, escape rooms allow you to experience your own adventure.

The core of every escape room is a locked door, a mystery to solve and teamwork. You are locked in a room with two to twelve people.

At other escape rooms, these could be complete strangers, but at Exit Strategy Games, you’ll be experiencing the fun with your nearest and dearest, your co-workers or some folks you decided needed a good time. Basically, not strangers, but people you WANT to be stuck in a room with! Working together, you have a limited amount of time to solve the room’s clues and find the way out.

The best escape rooms, (like ours, of course!) have exciting themes that place you smack dab in a world of adventure. As the time ticks down, and the excitement level rises, you may forget that this is just pretend! The sense of accomplishment you’ll feel as each clue is solved and another unfolds is unlike anything else you’ve experienced before.

Don’t just watch an adventure movie — become a part of the action! Feel your blood pump as you make your own exit strategy (see what we did there?). You’ll have so much fun that we wouldn’t be surprised if you become an escape room junkie.

Who Uses An Escape Room?

Everyone! Is that too broad? How about if you’re between the ages of 13 and 93 and you enjoy:

  • Fun
  • Excitement
  • Adventure
  • Laughter
  • Mystery
  • Puzzles
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork
  • Games
  • Thrills
  • Chills
  • A sense of danger
  • Scary movies
  • Action movies

If any or all of that describes you, then it’s safe to say you’ll enjoy an escape room experience like what we offer at Exit Strategy Games. These incredible rooms test the limit of your problem-solving abilities. It’s like “Choose Your Own Adventure,” except in real time, and in real life.

Moms and dads bring their kids for a rainy-day escapade. When grandma and grandpa come to town, skip the sight-seeing and go for something a little more memorable. See if your boyfriend has what it takes and plan an action-packed date. If he doesn’t, get rid of him! Just kidding. No but for real.

Escape rooms are perfect for anyone, any day of the week, for any event or special occasion.

What Areas Do We Serve?

Not only are we the best escape room in Elk Grove, but adventures to thrill-seekers from Sacramento, South Sacramento, Arden, Rosemont, Rancho Cordova, Folsom, Roseville, Rocklin, Marysville, Yuba City, Stockton, Modesto, and Wilton — each of whom can easily enjoy our adventures. But don’t let that limit you. We’re the perfect go-to destination for Escape Room Enthusiasts, or EREs as we like to call them, from anywhere. EREs are those escape room fanatics who just can’t get enough and won’t rest until they’ve solved every puzzle in California, the West Coast and beyond. We think you’ll love our unique game experience.

What Kind of Team Building Event Can Be Held at an Escape Room?

We’re almost hesitant to mention the type of events that can be held at Exit Strategy Games because we don’t want to limit your imagination. So, let’s just say any event, any occasion and any special day can be made even better at an escape room. And since we only host private games, there will be no stranger danger that crashes your event.

Just to give you an idea, some events we’ve hosted include:

  • Corporate events
  • Team-building exercises
  • Birthday parties
  • Exceptional dates
  • Bachelorette/Bachelor parties

The sky’s the limit for the type of events we can host. Work together with your great aunt at a unique family reunion, or keep you parents guessing to the very end at your one-of-a-kind gender reveal. For that special lady in your life, keep her on her toes until you solve the puzzle together, and you pop that important question. If you want to make an event truly unique, make it Exit Strategy Games.

Are Escape Rooms Good for Team-Building Events?

Don’t have another dull meeting where you “encourage” your team to work together. Make them work together by solving a thrilling puzzle. Escape rooms aren’t just good for team building — they’re ideal. Each challenge you face will only be solved when you cooperate.

Exit Strategy Games’ private escape rooms allow you and your co-workers to practice important collaboration techniques while having fun, laughing and experiencing this unique strategy game together. Escape rooms require valuable skills that will carry over into any work environment, like:

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Critical thinking
  • Logic
  • Creativity
  • Leading vs. following
  • Listening

After your experience at Exit Strategy Games, you can pow wow and see which skills need development. There’s nothing quite like learning and growing together with a serial killer on your trail.