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5 Things To Avoid When Playing Escape Room Games

5 Things To Avoid When Playing Escape Room Games

It’s not true that everyone who enters an escape room does it because they plan it; you may get invited by a friend or family member. Escape room games are the trend nowadays; everyone loves them! And you may run into one sooner or later. When you do, keep the following “don’ts” in mind to have a good experience:

Ignore Your Game Master

Your game master is the person behind the scenes who helps you with puzzles, provides clues, and ensures everything runs smoothly. Does it sound smart to ignore them? Certainly not. Your game master is an invaluable resource to help you through the room, so don’t just brush them off.

Touch Do-Not-Touch Items

Escape rooms have specific items you’re not allowed to touch. If there’s a sign that says “Do Not Touch,” take it literally and don’t touch it. If an item is off limits, most likely, there’s a reason why your game master doesn’t want you to handle it.

Act Destructive

It’s ok to be creative and think outside the box to solve puzzles, but don’t get too wild. That means no breaking, tearing apart walls and furniture, or causing any damage to the room. Some items are just decorations, and trying to find the solution behind them simply won’t work.

Use Your Phone

Most escape rooms don’t allow guests to use phones, so be sure to turn off your device and leave it in a secure place outside. Besides, don’t ruin the fun!

Underestimate Communication

There are ways to be the hero of the escape room, taking the lead, giving clues, and directing your team. But remember that communication is key to solving puzzles, so don’t just work by yourself.

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