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5 Types of Escape Room Players and Why We Love Them All

5 Types of Escape Room Players and Why We Love Them
Here at Exit Strategy Games in Elk Grove, CA, our escape room sees all different types of escape room players.  Here’s a list of the five most common types of players and why we absolutely love them.
1.) THE ENTHUSIAST: It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out who this player is.  This player is really excited about escape rooms.  They often have 10 or more escape rooms under their belt and are on the look out for more.  Even if their belt notches are not high (wait we’re still talking about escape rooms here, right?), their grin is from ear to ear and the pure escape room joy is shooting from their fingertips, toes, ears and any other bodily space that can be visibly seen, felt and noticed while it radiates off this player.  This player is absolutely contagious. In the non-infectious disease type of way.  You can spot this player by the look on their face before and after the game.  We LOVE this player the most.  Who said we can’t play favorites? This player is a joy to be around and a joy to have play our games.
2.) THE NOOB: This player is a total Noob, newbie, or just an inexperienced player.  They’ve never played an escape room before and we have the prestigious honor of taking their coveted V-Card.  They might take a little longer than usual to catch on to the game.  What is this escape room thing I’ve signed up for? What is it all about? We love this player because it’s fun watching them get those Ah-Ha moments for the very first time.  The click of, ohhhh….THIS is an escape room is fun to watch.  We also love this player because they’re easily impressed and seem to love us the most.
3.) THE CONFUSED: I’m sorry, I’m supposed to do what? When? Where? How? I just don’t get this. You give this player a hint and they look at you with a blank stare, scratch their head, and repeat the word what, a few more times.  This player often tries to give up out of frustration.  Believe it or not, we do love this player too.  We love escape rooms and therefore we love the challenge.  Realizing that this player might need a more specialized hint, a little more hand holding, and a little more interaction gives us the ability to problem solve which is what we like to do best.  When the click goes off for this person, we feel a lot more accomplished that we’ve helped them understand these puzzles and get this whole escape room concept.  Turning this person into an Enthusiast (when possible) is also extremely rewarding.
4.) THE DESTROYER: This player is the destroyer of escape rooms.  This player tends to be the one that breaks your escape room and forgets the rules that you’ve so carefully crafted to keep people on track. The Destroyer also tends to pick locks, and find loopholes in the game.  While this player is a lot more challenging to love (like your least favorite child, oh come on, we all know every parent has a favorite and a least favorite), this player is loved by us as well.  This player finds our loopholes and our weak spots in our game.  This player often forces us to be better and think long term about sustainable puzzles that are not easy to “lock pick” or “break”.  So while this player often breaks our heart and our escape room, this player also makes us stronger and allows us to get better and better as we go along.
5.) THE KNOW IT ALL: This player thinks they know EVERYTHING.  They are often the loudest player in the group.  They talk over others (including the game master) and often times are very wrong. We love them because we get a sick pleasure from telling them that they’re wrong and showing them the wrong answer.  Watching everyone else in the group putting the Know it All back in their place when they find out they are wrong, is priceless.  Yes, we love this player for the totally wrong reason.  But we never said we were saints, we just said we loved all of these players.  Now sometimes this player DOES know it all, these ones tend to be nicer about it and more subdued about their self righteousness of game play.  We love those know it alls because they break records and impress us.  Either way, this player is loved as well.
There you have it, the 5 most common escape room players and why we absolutely love them .

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