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About The Best Escape Rooms In Elk Grove

Although I was born and raised in Sacramento, it was in Louisiana, of all places, that I tried my first escape room. The front desk staff of the hotel I was staying in asked my group if we were looking for things to do. They suggested we try an escape room near us. I had heard about them before and had always wanted to try one. So I convinced my group of travelers to try out this new adventure with me.

As corny as it may sound, that first escape room experience was simply magical. Even after we returned from Louisiana, I kept thinking about that escape room, and escape rooms in general. For months I thought about these amazing escape games. I even thought about putting one in my backyard! It was only after playing about 20 more escape rooms just outside of Sacramento and a lot further south, did I finally realize what I had to do: I had to open an escape room of my own, and in 2016, Exit Strategy Games was born.

Before this, I had always been into board games, movies, and nature. I’ve owned Wild Birds Unlimited, a nature store, in Sacramento, CA, for over 15 years at that time. Nothing like this was ever on my radar, but once I got hooked on escape rooms, I got hooked badly. My escape room obsession is still going strong. I can’t wait to expand and build more escape rooms, because I truly love this business, it’s so fun — hopefully, you’ll think so, too! -Janell, Owner of Exit Strategy Games.