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Addicted to Escape Rooms

It all started in August 2015.  I was on a trip to Louisiana of all place.  The clerk at the front desk was giving us ideas of things to do around town. That man changed my life forever.  I’ve spent countless hours and dollars on my new obsession.  I think about escape rooms, I research escape rooms and I even started my own escape room at Exit Strategy Games in Elk Grove, CA.  Which means all of these countless dollars spent and hours logged means that I’m doing research for my business right? Well, that’s what I tell the IRS and it’s technically true. But geez, when it comes down to it, ESCAPE ROOMS ARE ADDICTING.
Escape Rooms are like Heroin (or so I’ve heard).  The first one you try, your mind goes haywire as the clock is counting down.  You MUST escape.  You tear the room apart searching for clues.  You feel dumb and refuse to ask for any hints! You must be superior to the room.  You run out of the escape room cheering and hollering as you escape your first room! Wow, we must do that again! By your 10th escape room, that crazy adrenaline is not pumping as much or as fast.  You have critical thinking skills as you blow through the puzzles.  You escape but now the high is not as much, so you need more, MORE, MORE I TELL YOU! You need more rooms, bigger sets, more puzzles to get that high back.  You’re so obsessed that eventually your friends and family realize when you have that blank look on your face and your eyes are glazed over, they can just stop talking to you now because they know you’re thinking about escape rooms and not even listening to them.
So yes, my friends.  I am Janell, and I’m here to tell you that I’m addicted to escape rooms.  However, I don’t plan to stop any time soon and I’m not even ashamed of my habit.  It’s all in the name of good business research ::::wink wink nudge nudge IRS::::::

Janell Woodbury
Exit Strategy Games
9833 Kent Street
Elk Grove, CA 95624
(916) 399-Exit (3948)

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