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Escape rooms can be tight and cramped, but the amount of fun - and the opportunity to get out whenever you want - help mitigate claustrophobia

Are Escape Rooms Claustrophobic?

You’re locked in a room with only your friends and your wits to help you escape. This is the basic premise behind the escape room craze that’s taken hold of the nation. For many, this concept means an exciting hour of fun, frivolity and thrills. If you’ve got claustrophobia, however — not so much. Claustrophobia is an extreme fear of confined spaces. For some, it can even lead to panic attacks.

If you’re claustrophobic, it’s understandable that you may be feeling nervous at the idea of heading inside one of our escape rooms at Exit Strategy Games. But if you’ve opened this blog, chances are you’re at least entertaining the idea that you’d like to try one. With that in mind,

Can You Keep a Secret? The Doors Aren’t Really Locked

One fear many people who struggle with claustrophobia have is being locked in a room and unable to escape. But the themed rooms at Exit Strategy Games are never really locked. We know emergencies arise, and people may need to make a quick exit, so this is a safety precaution we don’t mind sharing with you.

The Thrill of the Puzzle Is a Great Distraction

With 60 minutes on the clock, you may think it will seem never-ending. But as the adage goes, time flies when you’re having fun. We’d like to add — time flies when you’re having fun, solving clues, getting your adrenaline pumping and crushing one puzzle after another. Once you’re in the thick of it, working together and discovering hidden clues, you’ll forget all about your fear. If the clock runs out before you escape, you may actually wish you could stay in there longer.

You’re Surrounded by Familiar Faces

Many escape rooms book on a first come, first served basis and may partner your group with people you don’t know. Being surrounded by strangers can add to claustrophobic anxiety.

At Exit Strategy Games, there’s no need to stress because we only book private escape rooms. This means you’re working and puzzling only with people you know, whether it’s your boyfriend, your gal pals, your family or those crazies you work with.

If You Need to Get Out, That’s No Problem

If you’re willing to give our escape rooms a try but realize halfway through you’re feeling overwhelmed, that’s no problem at all. You are welcome to exit at any time. You don’t even have to worry it will ruin the experience for the others. They can go on clue breaking and problem-solving.

Plus, if you begin feeling calmer eventually, you can even decide to go back in and help your team. Maybe you’ll have a revelation while sitting in the waiting room that the others need to hear.

Ready to Give Exit Strategy Games a Try?

Thrill-seekers throughout Sacramento know Exit Strategy Games is one of the top escape room experiences in the region. Our rooms are crazy and unique, keeping people guessing right up until the very end. If you’re ready to give an escape room a chance, book one of our private escape rooms today. If you’re still feeling nervous, our staff is super chill and would love to answer all your questions and concerns.


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