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Best Escape Rooms Around the World

Let’s say you find yourself on a business trip or personal adventure to China, Europe, the United States’ east coast or the northern California region. You’re itching to try something new and take in the culture. At the same time, you have a hankering for a little mental adventure and adrenaline flow.

Obviously, you need to find an escape room as soon as possible!

Escape rooms are all around the globe thanks to the popularity of the unique method of merging so many physical and intellectual elements. However, you don’t need to type “best escape room near me” into your search bar. Just use our handy guide for a quick look at some of the best escape rooms around the planet.

Escape the Room, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In the City of Brotherly love? You’ll want to check out this escape room based on a truly ghastly notion: You’re stuck at work and have to get out. If you don’t, you’ll be chained to a life of cubby-dom forever! Although the concept is a bit tongue-in-cheek, the result is pure genius and tons of fun. Who knows? You might end up outta there before the boss returns.

Exit Strategy Games, Sacramento, California, Area

Our own escape room has captivated audiences for quite a while now and earned us excellent reviews from people from all walks of life. Prepare to be psychologically tested in our extremely intense but super exciting and thrill-packed, escape rooms. Our specialty is getting you to move a bit out of your comfort zone in a safe environment. Exit Strategy Games is great for families, groups of friends and even corporate teams that want something other than the age-old zipline treatment.

Claustrophobia, Russia and Various Worldwide Locations

Imagine what could happen if you took the idea of an escape room and added actors into the scenario. That’s what you’ll get at any of the Claustrophobia locations around the planet. Although their website is a bit rudimentary for modern browsers, they’ve earned the title as one of the best escape rooms because they’re quite literally thinking outside the box… and bringing you inside for a cool experience!

Mr. X, Shanghai, China

Don’t let this short escape game name fool you: Mr. X has made some big-time fans since its inception. Because the escape room phenomenon started in the Asian market, you can be sure that this escape room aims to satisfy all customers. The consensus of Mr. X is that if you’re in Shanghai, it’s definitely worth taking a few hours out of your touring. Then, you can go and see other sites, revved up from your escape room power-rush!

What’s the best escape room to satisfy your tastes and yearning? You’ll never know until you take a chance and reserve your time in your nearest escape room! If you find yourself in Sacramento, might we suggest Exit Strategy Games?

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