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The Psychology of Escape Rooms

It sounds like the makings of a Stephen King novel: You’re trapped in a room and have a limited time

Favorite After-the-Escape Places to Go in the Sacramento Area

You’ve hit up Exit Strategy Games in Elk Grove and had a blast. Now, you have the rest of the

Best Escape Rooms Around the World

Let’s say you find yourself on a business trip or personal adventure to China, Europe, the United States’ east coast

How & Where To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day In Sacramento

St. Patrick’s Day comes but once a year, and whether you’re Irish or not, you deserve to celebrate! Ironically, St.

Top 8 Movie Escapes

Why do we love escapes? We all have our highs and lows, but sometimes life can seem like a series

Stuck? Here Are Some Escape Room Tips

Even though our job is to stump our guests, we want you to win! If we made it too easy,

Escape Room Fails

  In all the excitement that ensues during an escape room escapade, a few mishaps are sure to occur. We

The Mysterious Origins of Escape Rooms

  With escape rooms popping up all over, we’ve often wondered what genius thought of trapping patrons in a locked

What’s With Escape Rooms, Anyway?

Escape room mania is in full swing. People are getting out of their living rooms — or their parent’s basement

Update on the Conspiracy Theory Room Coming March 2017

  The Wait is Almost Over, BUT NOT YET! Alas, here at Exit Strategy Games we seemingly cannot catch a