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Imagine where a social killer hides its secrets, schools of magic, and U.R.S.S. secret missions. It sounds like a fantastic film concept. What if we told you there were real adventures for you to play the leading part in? Welcome to the thrilling world of escape rooms games in Elk Grove, brought to you by Exit Strategy Games.

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Who Are We? 

At Exit Strategy Escape Rooms, you will enjoy the best time ever. We have been in the industry for a long time, and our experience has helped us develop the most exciting escape rooms in the area. We characterize by offering our clients private escape rooms. You will play with people you know well to solve the challenge efficiently.

Can I Have Get-Togethers There? 

Birthday parties, team-building activities, or just for the sake of it, escape rooms are fantastic. At Exit Strategy Games, you may experience what the escape room fad is all about. In our escape room events, you can play with your close pals, coworkers, or neighbors. Make sure your group meets the required minimum, or maximum players rule. 

Know Our Rooms 

The only thing you need to enter our escape rooms is your sense of adventure. It doesn’t matter if you have never been in an escape room game or you are an expert on solving its challenges. At Exit Strategy Games, we have rooms with different difficulty levels so everyone can play.  

Torture Chamber 

Do you imagine being kidnapped by a serial killer but escaping before it kills you? It sounds like a challenging experience, right? Stop playing with your imagination and come to our escape room where the American River Serial Killer, dubbed the A.R.K. Killer has kidnapped you and your friends and thrown you into his terrifying Torture Chamber.

A previous victim has left clues to help you escape this horrible place. You have 60 minutes to solve the clues while he is out and escape the Torture Chamber before the A.R.K. Serial Killer comes back for you. Escape or die trying. 

Woodbury Wizarding School

You will be a N.U.M.A. (Non User of the Magical Arts) at Woodbury’s Wizarding School. However, we believe you might have some magical abilities tucked away inside you. We’ve invited you to take the entrance exam to check if you fit in.

Pet Snatched

In this room, your beloved pet has been stolen by Granny’s sticky fingers. Because she is your grandma, nobody believes you that she would do such a thing. While she is at Bingo, you’ll check in her house, find your beloved pet Fluffy and escape before she returns.

Have Fun With Us 

Exit Strategy Games will become your go-to place to have fun after visiting us for the first time. Our unique private escape rooms will drive you to another world you will absolutely love. We also have the best packages for you to have escape room events with all your loved ones. Book before our rooms get full on your special date. 

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