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Conspiracy Theory Becomes Spy vs. Spy

Spy vs. Spy is a game reborn.

Originally, Spy vs. Spy was our incredibly popular Conspiracy Theory.  Conspiracy Theory was a fairly low-tech game released in March 2017.  It was a great new concept of a “game within a game” that included bare bones basic set design.  Players had to figure out who they were and who they could trust.  Players also had to wade through popular conspiracy theories of the 70’s, and solve the puzzles to escape.

However, Conspiracy Theory ran its course.  The game always had a bit too much reading in it, leading to a bit of tediousness that every player dreads in an escape room.  It was great for people who really enjoyed a detailed back story, but at the end of the day, it lacked that puzzle element that allows people to be excited by each and every puzzle.  The game also lacked focus, players had to identify the conspiracies, game play, and story, to really progress through the game. So, at the end of the day, we decided to totally transform the game into Spy vs. Spy. 

First a Transition into Naughty vs. Nice

Between changing Conspiracy Theory to Spy vs. Spy, we offered a seasonal game entitled Naughty vs. Nice.

Naughty vs. Nice was a Christmas themed game that ran from November 2019 to January 2020.  This transition improved upon the core set design elements of the space.  We added a fun front facade to the outside of the escape room, along with some wall coverings to the inside of the escape room.  Then we added almost entirely new puzzles (aside from some of the basic tech we already had). The space was looking better already, and the upgrades improved the core space for the next transition as well. 

Conspiracy Theory II

The plan in January 2020 was to do a simple low tech puzzle swap out and rename the room Conspiracy Theory II.  I was going to cut down on the massive amounts of reading and produce a game similar to the flow of our incredibly popular Naughty vs. Nice room.  However, I seemed to have fallen down a rabbit hole and I haven’t found my way out yet.  First it started with upgrading the information delivery system for the game within a game portion.  We added some tech elements there.  But then I needed an extra piece of furniture for this new information system.  So I had that custom made by a good friend.  Now it suddenly needed a few more tech puzzles.  Then a few more.  I came up with some really cool concepts I’m hoping can be pulled off, including the ability to sabotage other players.  After that, the whole thing needed new paint, and various other upgraded set design elements.  I just kept going down that rabbit hole. My friends and family kept making fun of me every time I added something new. Suddenly I looked at what the game had turned into, and it had some basic concepts of Conspiracy Theory, but it really was an entirely new game.  I wanted to ditch the Conspiracy elements in the game and focus on the spies being pitted against each other.  So then, I changed it again into Spy vs. Spy. 

Spy vs. Spy

Our new game is still a work in progress.  It should be opened in May or June of 2020, depending on when we’re allowed to reopen. It has some similar basic elements that Conspiracy Theory had, but it has received a major design and puzzle overhaul.  It’s another ambitious game, with elements I’ve never seen before.  You’ll still have to figure out who you are, and who you can trust, which is the best part of the game.  But the focus will be on the super-secret spy elements of the game now.

With a polished fun upgraded set design, new puzzles, and tech upgrades, this grass roots escape room put together by myself, family, and friends, is sure to be an exciting new escape room in the local market!

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