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Conspiracy Theory Escape Room Coming February 2017


We here at Exit Strategy Games in Elk Grove, CA, have been working on our Conspiracy Theory Room for what seems like forever.  It’s finally on its way.  We’re working out the kinks, beta testing and prepping ourselves to provide you with an entirely new escape room experience.
Clarence Whimby is the crazy local Conspiracy Theorist.  You and your friends have noticed that Clarence’s front door is slightly open and someone is calling for help from inside.  Being the good Samaritans that you are, you and your group stumble into his old outdated 1970’s style apartment.  The only problem is the door shuts and locks behind you.  That’s when you realize you’ve stumbled upon Clarence’s trap.  He thinks you’re out to get him.  You must search for clues, solve puzzles and work as a team to escape the room in 60 minutes before Clarence blows up his apartment, destroying all evidence of his conspiracy theories, along with you and your friends.
We’ll start taking bookings in February 2017.  We hope to see you then.

 9833 Kent Street
Elk Grove, CA 95624
(916) 399-EXIT (3948)

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A Simple Thank You Update on the Conspiracy Theory Room Coming March 2017
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