Corporate Team Building


Finally: A Team-Building Idea That Is Not Boring!

Team building is an important way to teach your co-workers and colleagues how to work together. Unfortunately, most team building activities are, well, boring — but those days are gone. No more long seminars and cliché activities like trust falls. Escape rooms make the perfect escape from a mundane day at the office.

Exit Strategy Games is a unique environment where you can host your next team-building exercise. We are available for corporations, office parties, youth groups, school programs, sports teams and more. Because each of our escape scenarios is 100% private, you don’t have to worry about non-teammates intruding. Need to schedule a time during our non-business hours? No problem. Contact us for more details on how to plan your next team-building activity.


Our Elk Grove Escape Rooms

Escape Experiences: The Perfect Solutions For Corporate Teamwork

After long days at the office, your team may forget the fundamentals of teamwork. The escape room experience at Exit Strategy Games allows them to practice essential skills that make any corporate environment successful. But instead of just telling them what they need to work on, this fun and thrilling experience will have them putting these skills into practice. These include:

  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Ingenuity
  • Organization

Working together to escape will teach your team how to achieve a common goal. After the escape scenario ends, you will have a clear understanding of skills that need improvement. Using the game as a platform for discussion, you can debrief and discuss the strengths of your team and places you see that need work.

Corporate team building in an escape room is an exciting way to teach your team how to solve complicated problems and work better together, all while having fun! Escape Room games are a growing trend for corporate team building activities. Join our growing list of players from the above businesses.

Fun Things to Do with Teenagers

Teamwork and communication are skills that should be learned by all organized teams or groups. Are you looking for a unique activity for your group of teenagers? It’s difficult to find fun things to do with this hard-to-please age group. If you have a group of teens that you want to teach valuable communication skills to, then check us out in Elk Grove. Prepping for the big game? Build up your teenagers while having fun. Escape rooms are the perfect outing to improve your group dynamic. We can host:

  • Youth Groups
  • School Programs
  • Sports Teams
  • You name it, they’ll love it!

To book your team-building event in Elk Grove, get in touch with our office by calling (916) 399-EXIT (3948) or contact us online.



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