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4-12 players

60 min


Who can you trust? You wake up inside a strange apartment.  Who are you though? Who are these strangers you’re with.  You’re wearing a CIA badge and so are the other people just waking up.  You remember it’s a year in the 1970’s and that’s all you know.  A video of a crazy looking man comes on.  He tells you that his name is Clarence Whimby and that you’re locked inside his apartment  He apologizes for the gas he used on you but he had to get away. Clarence informs you that he’s regarded as a Conspiracy Theorist and the gas will cause memory loss for about an hour.  He also let’s you know that you are all members of the CIA and you’ve come to investigate him because it turns out his crazy conspiracy theories are turning out to be true. Next he informs you that there are secret Soviet spies among you working as double agents in the CIA.  Are you a real CIA agent or a secret Soviet Spy?  You must search for clues, solve puzzles, figure out who you are and who you can trust in the room in 60 minutes before Clarence blows up his apartment, destroying all evidence of his conspiracy theories including you!  IF YOU CAN ESCAPE, you better be the first to figure out who you are and who you can trust because if you’re a real CIA agent you need to arrest the Soviets, if you’re a secret Soviet Spy you need to keep your cover and keep trading government secrets in order to avoid arrest.