Pet Snatched
2-4 players 60 min

Looking for Something Fun to Do in Mammoth Lakes?

Mammoth Lakes is a land of adventure. From hiking through mountain vistas to jaw-dropping views, the local community has high standards when it comes to finding something fun to do. But a new exciting experience has come to town to bring a different kind of thrill to Mammoth Lakes. Welcome to Exit Strategy Games, the best escape room in town — and we’re not just saying that because we’re partial. Our moms and Yelp agree.

Escape rooms combine the thrill of puzzle-solving video games with your favorite action-adventure movie. But you’re not just watching the events unfold — you are actively making it happen. Every decision you make determines whether you and your team will solve the puzzle and escape or whether you’ll be out of luck when the clock runs out.

Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

What lengths would you go through to bring back your beloved family pet? Pet Snatched is an escape room for all you dog lovers out there who want to combine your appreciation for pooches with a thrilling mystery to solve.

The theme of this escape room goes a little something like this: The town’s pets have been disappearing, and you suspect the seemingly sweet old lady down the street is really the head of a vicious underground pet-snatching ring. You’ve tried to warn your neighbors and notify the police about your suspicions, but who would believe that Granny Sticky Fingers could be responsible for such a heinous crime?

But it just got personal. Yesterday, your own beloved Fluffy disappeared out of your backyard. You just know that Granny Sticky Fingers is the one who nabbed her. You’ve got to get your precious Fluffy back before she’s sold on the pet black market, but this won’t be a simple rescue.

Granny Sticky Fingers is a cunning old broad. She’s cleverly hidden Fluffy behind a series of locks and puzzles that only Granny and her goons know how to solve. Thankfully, Granny’s at her weekly Bridge club meeting, playing cards with the neighborhood biddies. You and your friends only have one hour to break into Granny Sticky Finger’s home, rescue Fluffy and escape out the back door before she returns.

Can you bring your little pup home, or is she doomed to an unknown fate? The outcome is in your hands at Exit Strategy Games.

Experience the Pet Snatched Escape Room in Mammoth Lakes

Our Pet Snatched escape room is one of two unforgettable experiences we offer the Mammoth Lakes area. Each of our rooms is 100% private, so you only play with those pet-loving hooligans you bring with you. The Pet Snatched escape room is perfect for a ton of different events, too — birthdays, reunions, team-building activities, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs or any day you feel could be lightened up with some exciting clue solving.

If you’re ready to solve a pet-nabbing mystery, book your escape room now!