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Welcome To Elk Grove’s Best Escape Rooms

Want to solve a conspiracy theory for your next corporate event or team building exercise? Looking for some wholesome family fun for your next birthday party? Or would you rather escape a torture chamber for your birthday? If so, then choose the game that is right for you and click that big “book now” button, because you’ve just found exactly what you’re looking for.

Krampus - bloody christmas

You’ve been very naughty this year.  Instead of Jolly Old Saint Nick visiting you, you’ve been kidnapped by Krampus and dragged off to his lair.  You have to open all the bloody presents and get past his army of evil toys if you want to escape. 

Woodbury's Wizarding School

You are a N.U.M.A. (Aka a Non User of the Magical Arts). However, we suspect you might have some magical powers within you. We’ve invited you to take our entrance exam for Woodbury’s Wizarding School. You’ll be tested on various magical aspects to see if you can gain entrance to this magical school.


Nutty Aunt Noel was frantically wrapping Christmas presents and accidentally wrapped her precious pet squirrels up in the packages. Free her pet squirrel in time to re-wrap the presents and save Christmas! 

Noels Nutty Christmas poster

Spy vs spy

Spy vs spy is on as you race to figure out who you are, who you can trust, and retrieve the encrypted data before you and the data is destroyed.

always private

Become Part Of The Action

The core of every escape room is a locked door, a mystery to solve and teamwork. You are locked in a room with 2-12 people.

At other escape rooms, these could be complete strangers, but at Exit Strategy Games, you’ll be experiencing the fun with your nearest and dearest, your co-workers or some folks you decided needed a good time. Basically, not strangers, but people you WANT to be stuck in a room with! Working together, you have a limited amount of time to solve the room’s clues and find the way out.

The best escape rooms, (like ours, of course!) have exciting themes that place you smack dab in a world of adventure. As the time ticks down, and the excitement level rises, you may forget that this is just pretend! The sense of accomplishment you’ll feel as each clue is solved and another unfolds is unlike anything else you’ve experienced before.

Don’t just watch an adventure movie — become a part of the action! Feel your blood pump as you make your own exit strategy (see what we did there?). You’ll have so much fun that we wouldn’t be surprised if you become an escape room junkie.

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