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Welcome To Elk Grove’s Best Mystery and Horror Escape Rooms

Want to escape a serial killer for your birthday? Or solve a conspiracy theory for your next corporate event or team building exercise? Looking for some wholesome family fun for your next birthday party or perhaps fun couples’ activities and games in the Elk Grove area?

If so, then choose the game that is right for you and click that big “book now” button below, because you’ve just found exactly what you’re looking for.

Serving Elk Grove And the Sacramento Area

We are Elk Grove’s premier mystery escape room experience. We will lock you in a room, give you and your team 60 minutes to search for clues, solve puzzles and escape the room before time runs out. We have a unique private room policy which means you don’t have to play with strangers – you play only with the folks on your team (whether it be family, friends or co-workers).

Puzzles, clues, hints — mix that together with a dab of mystery and a smattering of adrenaline, and you’ve got an escape room. In a world deluged with video games and living vicariously through your favorite movies, escape rooms allow you to experience your own adventure.


Elk Grove’s Only Torture Chamber Escape Room

You’ve been thrown into the dungeon torture chamber basement of a notorious serial killer called the American River Killer, or ARK killer for short. Fortunately, a former victim has hidden clues throughout the room to help you escape. Find them and get out in just 60 minutes, before the ARK killer returns to finish the job.

Pet Snatched Escape Room: Rescue Your beloved Doggy!

Fluffy disappeared out of your backyard yard yesterday. You know she didn’t run away – Granny Sticky Fingers nabbed her! You’ve got to Fluffy back before this cunning old lady sells her on the pet black market. This won’t be a simple rescue, though. You’ll need your wits about you as you seek to thwart this neighborhood pet thief and rescue Fluffy before Granny Sticky Fingers returns!

Spy Vs Spy, Coming Soon

Become Part Of The Action

The core of every escape room is a locked door, a mystery to solve and teamwork. You are locked in a room with two to twelve people.

At other escape rooms, these could be complete strangers, but at Exit Strategy Games, you’ll be experiencing the fun with your nearest and dearest, your co-workers or some folks you decided needed a good time. Basically, not strangers, but people you WANT to be stuck in a room with! Working together, you have a limited amount of time to solve the room’s clues and find the way out.

The best escape rooms, (like ours, of course!) have exciting themes that place you smack dab in a world of adventure. As the time ticks down, and the excitement level rises, you may forget that this is just pretend! The sense of accomplishment you’ll feel as each clue is solved and another unfolds is unlike anything else you’ve experienced before.

Don’t just watch an adventure movie — become a part of the action! Feel your blood pump as you make your own exit strategy (see what we did there?). You’ll have so much fun that we wouldn’t be surprised if you become an escape room junkie.