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Exit Strategy Games: Sacramento Area’s Highest-Rated Escape Room

Welcome to Exit Strategy Games, the highest-rated escape room in Elk Grove and the Sacramento area. What sets our rooms apart is the amount of detail that goes into each experience. Whether you’re fighting the clock in the torture chamber of a notorious serial killer or finding the truth in a case of global espionage, don’t take anything for granted.

Each room has puzzles, locks, hints and clues hidden throughout. There’s no such thing as coincidence, and even the most mundane item could contain the clue that helps you and your team escape in the nick of time. The best part is, you won’t be solving these puzzles with a group of strangers. We are the only private escape rooms in the Sacramento County.

How Do Escape Rooms Work?

Escape rooms are an interactive real-life game experience that puts you in the thick of it. There’s no point-and-click here. You are the star of your very own adventure. The basic premise involves a locked door, tons of clues and puzzles — and only 60 minutes to make your way out. Working with your team, you need to decipher codes and find hidden messages before the timer hits zero.

With the world inundated with smartphones, video games and social media, escape rooms offer, well, an escape! Leave the humdrum of the every day and set out for an experience like no other. They’re challenging, as each scenario involves problem-solving, yet they’re incredibly fun. Themes vary among escape rooms, but how do serial killers and 1970’s spies sound to you?

There can be creepy or thrilling elements and intense excitement, but escape rooms are not necessarily designed to be scary. Although, depending on the theme, they may be a little too much for smaller tykes.

Unique Escape Room Experiences

Our first escape room is called The Torture Chamber. You’ve been thrown into the dungeon torture chamber basement of a notorious serial killer called the American River Killer, or ARK killer for short. Fortunately, a former victim has hidden clues throughout the room to help you escape. Find them and get out in just 60 minutes, before the ARK killer returns to finish the job.

We also have the popular Conspiracy Theory escape room — a “game within a game.” You and your group wake up without any idea who you are, just knowing that it’s the 1970’s. It turns out that you are a group of CIA agents, and a famed conspiracy theorist has trapped you in his apartment with a bomb set to detonate in 60 minutes. Using a video recording, he informs you that some among you are actually secret Soviet spies. Escape the room and figure out who you can and cannot trust before your the time runs out.