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Exciting Escape Games In Elk Grove, CA

Exciting Escape Games In Elk Grove, CA

Among many entertainment activities in Elk Grove, CA, escape games have become a great way to have fun with friends and family. These games require players to solve puzzles to escape the room in an allotted amount of time. If you feel adventurous and ready to take on the challenge at Exit Strategy Games, our staff can’t wait to host you and your group.

We provide a variety of games. From horror to mystery, we have the most wanted escape rooms in Elk Grove, CA, for your skill level. Dare to enter the world of our scenarios and let your imagination fly. Our immersive escape rooms offer a unique experience like no other.


Escape Games You Can Book

Krampus Bloody Christmas

Get into a terrifying horror chamber. Use your skills to solve puzzles and find the hidden objects as you attempt to escape Krampus’ lair in time. You’re trapped in a monstrous place, far away from home. Can you brave the horror and escape? There’s no time for hesitation! Krampus can return at any moment, and the clock is ticking away!

Woodbury’s Wizarding School

The supreme magicians can feel something special within you. After being accepted to Woodbury’s Wizarding School, you must go through a series of magical tests. Only your determination could beat the challenges that’ll make you an official magician. As you embark on this magical journey, will you be able to measure your courage and bravery?

Noel’s Nutty Christmas

Nutty Aunt Noel accidentally wrapped all her squirrels up in the Christmas packages! Quick, free her pet squirrels in time to re-wrap the gifts and save Christmas! 

Spy Vs. Spy

You can’t trust anyone in this game! You and your team have to uncover the truth in this Spy Vs. Spy-themed mission. Recover the lost data, solve puzzles and find the hidden objects before it’s too late.

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