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An Elk Grove escape room is a great first date idea!

First Date Ideas in Elk Grove

You’ve got an incredible evening planned with someone new who you’re really excited to get to know. Before the merriment kicks off, all of a sudden, you start to feel some strange sensations. Butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms, blushing like a preteen. It’s not the flu, folks — it’s the dreaded first date jitters!

There’s one word that aptly describes first dates — awkward! Whether you’ve known the person forever or it’s someone you met online, first dates amp up the awkwardness, leaving you feeling not yourself and totally freaked out. Worse yet is when you can’t think of anything to say because of your nerves. But not to worry — we’ve all been there.

If you’ve got a big first date planned, choose your location with care. Pick a spot here in Elk Grove that will take the pressure off forced conversation and put it where it belongs — having fun and getting to know each other. Here a list of our favorite first date ideas in Elk Grove.

Paint Your Panic Away

There’s nothing quite as refined as art and wine. When you combine the two, you’re in for an unforgettable first date experience. Pinot’s Palette in Elk Grove provides group art lessons where you receive step-by-step instructions to create your own incredible artwork. The best part is that each class is accompanied by wine or cocktails — just enough to take the edge off any first date jitters you may be experiencing. By the end of the night, you get a fun experience, a portrait painted by you and, hopefully, a second date.

Let the Screen Do All the Talking

One of the worst parts of a first date is trying to find things to talk about. In a perfect world, you and your date would hit it off, and the conversation would never become stilted or dull. But for the rest of us, going to see a movie is the perfect way to escape those awkward lulls.

If you really want to impress your date, head to Tower Theatre in Sacramento. This landmark is one of the oldest picture palaces in the country. They cater to true film buffs, showcasing independent, specialty and foreign films. Impress your date with how cultured and world-wise you are.

Fuel Up at The Wrangler

Country Music, karaoke, open mic nights and happy hour — no matter when you and your date hit up The Wrangler, you’re sure to have a truly unique and enjoyable night. The Wrangler is the best country bar west of the Mississippi, so whether you want to show off your line-dancing skills or you need a little social lubricant, this makes a perfect first date locale.

Escape the Ordinary

Why opt for a run-of-the-mill date when you have an exciting, unique option right here in Elk Grove? Escape rooms allow you and your date to step into a true mystery movie — plus, you can impress your date with your incredible problem-solving and critical thinking skills! At Exit Strategy Games, we have three unique escape room experiences. Save your date from a serial killer in our Torture Chamber room. Rescue a cute little pooch in our Pet Snatched game. Or, if you feel more comfortable in a group or double-date scenario, search out Soviet spies in our Conspiracy Theory room.

Whichever escape room you choose, we are the only local escape room to provide private experiences, so it’s just you and your date cracking clues and solving mysteries. Not a bad way to make a first impression.

Book Your Next Date Night With Exit Strategy Games

Whichever route you choose, you and your date are sure to have a fun-filled first date. Whether it’s your first date or your hundredth, when you’re ready to try something new, book your date night with Exit Strategy Games.

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