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Have Fun This Summer With Exit Strategy Games

Have Fun This Summer With Exit Strategy Games

Do you want to have some fun this summer and take on some challenging puzzles? Then you should check out our options at Exit Strategy Games! We have a great way to simultaneously beat the heat and have a blast. Our games are perfect for groups of friends or family. We have different escape rooms designed for people of different ages and interests.  

Book an escape room now and surprise your family and friends with fun summer activities!

Our Escape Games

Krampus Bloody Christmas

You’ve been very naughty this year.  Instead of Jolly Old Saint Nick visiting you, instead you’ve been captured by the evil Krampus and dragged off to his bloody lair.  Open the presents and trap Krampus if you want to escape this nightmare. This game is perfect for groups of 2-12 people, and we recommend it for ages 13 and up.

Woodbury’s Wizarding School

All your life, you’ve considered yourself a N.U.M.A (Non User of the Magical Arts). However, we’ve invited you to take our Woodbury’s Wizarding School entrance exam, as we suspect you might have magical powers within you. We’ll test many magical aspects to see if you can be part of our magical school. If you’re looking for fun summer activities for the entire family, this is the perfect game!


Pet Snatched

The neighborhood pets have been going missing. You believe that Granny Sticky Fingers, the sweet old lady down the street, is the mastermind of the petnappings. Your beloved Fluffy vanished from your yard yesterday. Granny will be at the bingo hall with the local biddies for the next 60 minutes, so you must enter her home and rescue Fluffy before she’s back! This is one of the most family-friendly escape games we offer.


Spy Vs. Spy

Robert Schaider created H.A.I.L.I. in 1977. Her abilities are limitless, and if her encrypted data fell into the wrong hands, H.A.I.L.I. might be extremely dangerous. Robert has hid H.A.I.L.I.’s encrypted data behind obstacles and then escaped after he set the house to self-destruct in precisely one hour.


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Your summer won’t be complete until you’ve tried out our escape room games in Elk Grove, CA! At Exit Strategy Games, you can take on some challenging puzzles with your friends or family and create unforgettable memories. Don’t miss the chance and book an escape room right now!