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Helpful Safety Tips For Escape Room Games!

Helpful Safety Tips For Escape Room Games!

While escape rooms are a great way to have fun with friends, there are some safety measures you should consider for the most enjoyable experience. When you don’t take the right steps to keep yourself safe, you could be putting yourself and your friends in danger.

Here, we’ve put together a few tips to help keep you safe during your escape room adventure. Keep reading for more.

Effective Ways To Implement Safety Measures At Escape Room Games

To ensure that your escape room experience goes as smoothly and safely as possible, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Don’t Bring Any Food Or Drinks Into The Room

Even when it seems like a good idea to bring snacks or drinks into the room, this can be extremely dangerous. Not only could you accidentally spill food or drinks on something valuable in the room, but you also risk getting trapped in the room as well.

Don’t Pull On Any Wires

If there are any exposed wires around the room, it’s best to avoid them. Pulling on a wire could cause an electrical short and lead to a fire or worse.

Stay Sober

Everyone participating in an escape room must be completely sober. Being under the influence of substances like alcohol or drugs can lead to impaired judgment and potentially put you or your friends at risk. 

Pay Attention To The Rules

Most escape rooms will have a list of rules for you to follow, such as no running or certain touching objects. Attention to these rules is key to having a safe and successful escape room experience.

Our Escape Room In Elk Grove, CA, Provides The Safety You Need

If you want to benefit from the fun of an escape room while staying safe, then Exit Strategy in Elk Grove, CA, is the perfect place. At our escape rooms, we have taken the necessary steps to ensure your safety and make sure that you can enjoy the full experience of escape room games.

We know how important it’s to stay safe while having a good time, which is why our team does everything it can to ensure that all safety measures are implemented for your enjoyment. Visit us today.


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