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How To Excel In Escape Room Games

How To Excel In Escape Room Games

Opposite of what you might think, the key to success in escape rooms is not about finding the clues as quickly as possible. Instead, it’s about taking your time to search the room methodically to solve all the puzzles. Rushing around only leads to mistakes and missing critical information.

When you first enter an escape room, practice mindfulness and take a few deep breaths; this will help you clear your head and be more observant of your surroundings. Problem solving skills are the key to success in this kind of game. Today, we’ll give you tips on being a puzzle-solving superstar so you kill it in your next escape room game.


3 Mind Exercises To Enhance Your Solving Abilities

Brain Teasers And Riddles

Doing brain teasers and riddles will help you become better at solving puzzles in escape rooms. This happens because when you solve these exercises, you train your brain to think laterally and see things from different perspectives.

After a while, it becomes second nature to approach problems from different angles, and that’s precisely what you need to do to find the clues in escape rooms.

Jigsaw Puzzles

What jigsaw puzzles do for your problem-solving skills is similar to what brain teasers do but more hands-on. By putting together a puzzle, you’re using a combination of logic and creative thinking to figure out how the pieces fit together.

And just like with brain teasers, the more you do jigsaw puzzles, the better you become at looking at problems from different angles and finding creative solutions. Practice frequently, and you’ll succeed in every escape room in your area.

Mobile Escape Games Apps

Now that you know that mind exercises will help you think like a puzzle-solving superstar, it’s time to put that theory into practice. And what better way to do that than with mobile escape games apps?

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