Choose your adventure in one of our private escape rooms

Escape Rooms

Exit Strategy Games: Mammoth Lakes Best Escape Rooms


Welcome to Exit Strategy Games — the best escape room in Mammoth Lakes! We are true escape room addicts, having collectively escaped over 300 rooms (we left one guy back somewhere in Louisiana).


It’s from those amazing experiences that we crafted escape rooms designed to be some of the most fun things you could do in Mammoth Lakes. Whether it’s stealing your beloved pup back from a conniving old lady, or outsmarting crooked cops and freeing a good cop who’s been framed, we know you will have a blast in our escape rooms.


Each room has its own unique character and puzzles to solve, with clues and hints scattered throughout — sometimes in unlikely places, and sometimes right in front of your nose. The most important aspect is to work as a team and use your brains collectively. Every detail, every idea no matter how silly can have value and can be your key to solving the next puzzle and accomplishing your goal.


The best part is that you won’t have to form a team with some weirdos right off the street. At Exit Strategy Games, we pride ourselves on being one of the only escape rooms in the Mammoth Lakes area that provides a truly private escape experience. This means you only play with the group you came in with. This is a great thing especially for date nights and corporate team building! It’s a bad thing if you showed up with a group of frenemies and hate everybody.

Choose your adventure in one of our private escape rooms

Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms: A New Way To Have Fun


Our creative escape rooms get you off of your butt, away from you Netflix account and into your very own adventure. Here, your best weapon is your own creativity and your ability to cooperate and communicate with your teammates.


With only 60 minutes to find all of the clues and unlock all of the puzzles, every minute counts. You will have to choose your actions, thoughts, and words wisely to make sure you find every clue and save the day!


Escape rooms offer a way to connect with others and have fun in a world that full of empty escape promises. Smartphones, video games and social media all offer ways to get out of the drudgery of your day, but each has their own way of weighing you down. Escape rooms are great for building true community and strengthening the bonds of friendship. And friendship always wins!


A Unique Escape Room Mammoth Lakes: Pet Snatched!


The local pets have been disappearing.  You suspect the sweet old lady down the street is the head of an underground pet-snatching ring. You’ve tried to notify your neighbors and police about your suspicions, but nobody believes sweet old Granny Sticky Fingers could be responsible for such a crime.


Yesterday, your beloved Fluffy disappeared out of your backyard.  You just know that Granny Sticky Fingers nabbed her. You have to get Fluffy back before she is sold on the pet black market!


However, this won’t be a simple rescue.  You and your friends have one hour to get into Granny Sticky Finger’s home, rescue Fluffy, and escape out the back door before Granny Sticky Fingers returns.

A Crime Fighting Escape Room Experience: Detective Gumshoes!


You are junior detectives for the brilliant Detective Gumshoes.  Recently, there has been a string of local jewel heists.  When the police were not able to turn up any suspects, your boss Detective Gumshoes was hired.  The Detective was able to uncover the shocking truth behind the jewel heists.  Apparently, the honorable Judge Shadie Krook was not so honorable.


The Judge and a handful of crooked cops make up the nefarious Bling Ring responsible for the jewel heists.   The Bling Ring knew that Detective Gumshoes was onto their illicit behavior, so they planted some jewels in the Detective’s office and called the cops, aka, themselves!  Detective Gumshoes cleverly hid the jewels and the evidence incriminating the Bling Ring in his office behind a series of puzzles and clues that only brilliant detectives such as yourselves could figure out.


Detective Gumshoes used his one phone call to tip you off to the situation, and notified you that you need to get the jewels and evidence to a trusted cop he knows.

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