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Escape Rooms

Exit Strategy Games: Mammoth Lakes’ and Elk Grove’s Highest-Rated Escape Rooms

Welcome to Exit Strategy Games, the highest-rated escape room in the Mammoth Lakes and Sacramento area. What sets our rooms apart is the amount of detail that goes into each experience. Whether you’re fighting the clock in the torture chamber of a notorious serial killer, finding the truth in a case of global espionage, thwarting a thieving old lady or stopping an international crime syndicate, you will be immersed in the adventure.

Each room has puzzles, locks, hints and clues hidden throughout. There’s no such thing as coincidence, and even the most mundane item could contain the clue that helps you and your team escape in the nick of time. The best part is, you won’t be solving these puzzles with a group of strangers. We are the only private escape rooms in the area!


Escape rooms are the perfect corporate team building activity for corporations to build teams with their teams of corporations
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