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Pet Snatched Escape Room | Exit Strategy Games

Pet Snatched


2-12 players

60 minutes

medium difficulty

STANDARD -Private Escape Room

Saving Fluffy: 1 Hour To Rescue Your Furry Friend

The local pets have been disappearing. You suspect the sweet old lady Granny Sticky Fingers down the street is behind the petnappings. You’ve tried to notify your neighbors about your suspicions, but nobody believes sweet old Granny could be responsible for such a crime. Yesterday, your beloved Fluffy disappeared out of your backyard. You just know that Granny nabbed Fluffy.

Granny will be at bingo with the neighborhood biddies for the next 60 minutes, so you need to sneak into her house, find Fluffy and get out before she returns. However, this won’t be a simple pet rescue. Granny has cleverly hidden all the stolen pets behind a series of locks and puzzles that you’ll have to solve before you can find Fluffy. Can you rescue Fluffy before Granny returns?

family friendly

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