Pet Snatched Escape Room | Exit Strategy Games

Pet Snatched


2-12 players

60 minutes

medium difficulty

STANDARD -Private Escape Room

Granny Sticky Fingers has been stealing the local pets. When you come home and find your beloved Fluffy missing, you know you need to get Fluffy back.  It won’t be easy though.  Granny has hidden Fluffy behind a series of locks and keys that you’ll have to solve to get Fluffy back.  Hurry though! You only have one hour until Granny returns from bingo.  

We welcome all ages for this fun yet challenging game.  However we do recommend agest 8 and up for the most enjoyable experience. 

family friendly

Looking for Something Fun to Do in Elk Grove?

No doubt there is a ton to do in this bustling suburb of Sacramento. But a new exciting experience has come to town to bring a different kind of thrill to Elk Grove. Welcome to Exit Strategy Games, the best escape room in the Sacramento area — and we’re not just saying that because we’re partial. Our moms and Yelp agree.

Escape rooms combine the thrill of puzzle-solving video games with your favorite action-adventure movie. But you’re not just watching the events unfold — you are actively making it happen. Every decision you make determines whether you and your team will solve the puzzle and escape or whether you’ll be out of luck when the clock runs out.