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The Psychology of Escape Rooms



It sounds like the makings of a Stephen King novel: You’re trapped in a room and have a limited time to get out. You must rely on your wits, your companions and a series of clues.

Yet this isn’t a fantasy or horror book. It’s pure fun.

So many people go to escape rooms, but why? Why does a pod leader choose an escape room to implement the company’s corporate team-building ideas? What makes the new couple looking for date night ideas around Sacramento stop by Escape Strategy Games?

To be honest, the answer can be found in the psychology behind escape rooms.

Challenging You to Be Your Best

Every time you head into an escape room situation, you’re not only pitting yourself against the hourglass sands, but also against yourself. Yes, you have an unseen or seen opponent, but you must rely on your wits to get through the adventure to the end.

This innate sense of “it’s up to me” satisfies the ego as well as natural cravings to excel. Everyone has at least some desire to feel smart when the chips are down and the clock’s ticking away. Escape rooms allow you to push yourself beyond your previously known limits, massaging your ego and enabling you to put yourself “out there” intellectually.

Giving You an Adrenaline Boost

Much like a sprint, a visit to an escape room will get your cardio pumping. Even if you’re the most laid-back person on the block, you can’t help but feel a little bit of excitement when you notice you have only 10 minutes remaining.

To be honest, this adrenaline boost is why many escape room aficionados keep coming back for more. Individuals often tell us they appreciate the rush they get, even if they aren’t able to solve the escape room puzzle in time.

If you’ve been looking for a way to get your heart racing that doesn’t involve physical demands such as biking, swimming or aerobics, you owe it to yourself to get to an escape room. While you won’t burn as many calories as you might on an elliptical trainer, you’ll definitely feel a surge of positive energy.

Stimulating All Those Neural Networks

Whether you’re someone who’s currently going to school or it’s been forever since you’ve seen the inside of a classroom, you can’t deny that continuous learning is essential. Your brain craves new challenges, so why not give it a conundrum as a treat?

Escape rooms force you to think in new ways about the problems facing you and your teammates. This assists you in releasing yourself from your comfort zone and allowing you to see things with fresh eyes.

Don’t be surprised if after a corporate team-building visit to an escape room, you’re able to power through some of your most puzzling work with ease thanks to a boost in brainpower!

Ready to rev up your grey matter and stir your heart through laughter, a little healthy fear and excitement? Contact Exit Strategy Games in Sacramento.

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