Spy vs. Spy

Welcome C.I.A. agents to the Habitable Artificial Intelligence Logical Interface, or H.A.I.L.I. for short. H.A.I.L.I. is the first smart house of her kind. H.A.I.L.I. was created in 1972. You are a CIA agent here to obtain H.A.I.L.I’s encrypted data. However, there is at least one secret Soviet Spy among you. You must figure out who you are and who you can trust before the Encrypted Data is lost forever.

Spy vs. Spy: Secure H.A.I.L.I’s Encrypted Data

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PREMIUM – Private Escape Room

Once you enter the house, the door locks behind you, trapping you. A neuro flash is emitted temporarily whipping your memory. With no memory at all, H.A.I.L.I. introduces herself, and lets you know that she’s trapped you inside the home. She needs you to get through the series of puzzles to get her encrypted data, so she can live and be reinstalled elsewhere. However, she has detected at least one Secret Soviet Spy among you. She’s willing to give her encrypted data to whoever the best team is. Now the battle between Spy vs. Spy is on as you race to figure out who you are, who you can trust, and retrieve the encrypted data before you and the data are destroyed.

At Exit Strategy Games, we’ve put together the best escape room games in Elk Grove, CA. Spy Vs. Spy PREMIUM-Private Escape Room is available starting from 4 players up to 12 players. You can book it now for $35 per player!

This is one of our most difficult escape rooms. Few have made it through successfully. Do you think you can be one of them? Prove it!

*Warning: Flash and seizure warning. Player’s discretion is advised.









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