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The Torture Chamber: Escape Or Die Trying!

The Torture Chamber: Escape Or Die Trying!


2-12 players

60 minutes

medium difficulty

STANDARD - Private Escape Room

You have been captured by the evil ARK Serial Killer. You and your friends have been locked in his bloody Torture Chamber, where he has killed and mutilated countless other victims before you. A previous victim has left clues to help you escape this horrible place. You have 60 minutes to solve the clues and escape the Torture Chamber before the ARK Serial Killer comes back for you. Escape…or die trying…

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Do you feel like other escape rooms are not thrilling enough for you? We dare you to try the Torture Chamber STANDARD – Private Escape Room! This can be played by 2 to 12 players starting at $50 per player and $100 per game. You can ask for our group prices and celebration packages.

Escape boredom and challenge your mind to a new level of clue and puzzle-solving with Exit Strategy Games. This time it’s your life at risk in the hands of Ark Serial Killer. Will you make it out alive? Test your skills today!