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Skydiving is a super fun thing to do in Lodi!

Things To Do In Lodi

Wine, food and the great outdoors. Residents of Lodi know that the best things in life are simple. Lodi is only 35 miles south of Sacramento, but it’s a far different experience than the hectic bustle of the state capital. If you need a great escape, then stray to the beautiful city of Lodi, California. No matter what you enjoy, whether it’s peace and quiet or a thrilling adventure, Lodi has something to offer even the pickiest visitors.

But maybe you’re not sure where to begin. Never fear — we’re here to be your guide to this incredible California gem of a town.

Nothing’s More Sublime Than a Day of Food and Wine

When in Lodi, do as the locals do. And wine is a way of life here. Napa gets a lot of hoopla when people think of California wine. But Lodi has enough award-winning vineyards and wines to keep the most avid enthusiasts quite pleased. Take a tour at one of more than 85 wineries or plan your visit around one of the many wine events held in the region. Even if you don’t know anything about wine other than it comes from grapes, by the end of your visit you’ll be a connoisseur.

Nothing’s better than wine — that is, unless you combine wine and food. Lodi’s food scene is like fireworks for your palate. Savor Lodi takes you on a walking food tour through the city’s most unique restaurants, breweries and quaint dessert shops. All we can say is “yum!”

Experience Life on the Lake

Lake life is all about relaxation, fun activities and getting in touch with nature. Lodi Lake is a local treasure, but residents are willing to share it if you come for a visit. There are tons of things to do at Lodi Lake Park:

  • Do like Yogi Bear and plan a picnic
  • Take a riverboat tour of Lodi Lake and Mokelumne River
  • Swim at the public beach
  • Rent a kayak, stand-up paddleboard or pedal boat
  • Visit the discovery center to learn more about local wildlife
  • And more

Try Your Hand at Skydiving or Fake It

If there’s one thing that’s on most people’s bucket list, it’s skydiving. This death-defying feat is a terrifying, once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Parachute Center gives you the opportunity to soar through the skies above Lodi under the safe supervision of a licensed parachute instructor.

But if you’re not ready to actually jump from a plane, there’s an alternative. SuperFly gives you the chance to experience the sensation of skydiving without the whole hundreds-of-feet-above-the-ground thing. Take your first baby steps in the safety of a vertical wind tunnel, and maybe you’ll soon be able to work up to the real thing.

Escape the Ordinary

Lodi has many exciting adventures, but if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, then come to Exit Strategy Games, located just north of town. The escape room craze is in full swing as people realize just how fun it is to actually live the action instead of just watching it on TV. You find the clues. You make the choices. And your decisions determine whether you escape the room and beat the clock or fail. Our escape rooms up the ante with our thrilling themes — think crazy serial killers and a Soviet spy saga.

If you’re ready to do something totally unforgettable, then book one of our private escape rooms today!


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