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Looking for a things to do in Sacramento during Labor Day Weekend? Read this blog to learn fun things to do Labdor Day Weekend!

Things to Do in Sacramento for Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is known as the “workingman’s holiday.” For most, it’s a day to kick back from the norm and enjoy a three-day weekend respite. Many will take advantage of this mini vacation by sitting on their couches and binge-watching the next show in their queue. But with Sacramento as our backyard, why not try something a little more exciting?

Sacramento is more than the state capital — it’s a thriving city with fun events that beckon you away from the TV. If you’re looking for something to spice up your working-person holiday, here are six Sacramento events to check out this Labor Day.

A good old beer crawl is a great thing to do in Sacramento during Labor Day Weekend!

1. Craft Beer Crawl

The Labor Day Weekend Craft Beer Crawl only lasts for six hours, but it’s a fun way for beer lovers to unite. If you’re of legal drinking age, head down to Old Sacramento the Friday before Labor Day. For a nominal fee, you can walk, skip or crawl between eight local establishments in whatever order you fancy. This event sells out every year, so be sure to get your tickets as soon as you read this.

The Lord of Rice: A great thing to do in Sacramento this weekend!

2. Lord of Rice: Rice Dish & Rice Beer Competition

You may be saying, “another beer thing?” — but this one is different, we swear. At this yearly event, top-rated chefs compete for the coveted title of “Lord of Rice.” Plus, Labor Day attendees will get to sample every sumptuous rice-based dish and beer in the contest. Great food and a heated competition — what could be better?

LGBTQ friendly thing to do in Sacramento for Labor Day!

3. Sacramento Rainbow Festival

If you come to the heart of Lavender Heights this Labor Day weekend, the streets will seem a whole lot more colorful. Sacramento’s LGBTQ community is hosting a street fest filled with merriment, revelry and pride in the local lesbian and gay community.

You don’t have to be gay or lesbian to come — everyone is invited to enjoy live entertainment and fun vendors. Plus, all money raised will go to charity, so you can have fun knowing it’s for a good cause.

Yee-haw, pardners! M7Con for Labor Day weekend

4. Old Sacramento M7 Con

Return to Sacramento’s old west roots at the M7 Con, a premier Old West Convention and Film Festival. Not only do you get to see actors from some of your favorite movies and TV shows, but it’s also a chance to pull out your Old West duds and get fully attired in old-timey garb without people looking at your weird.

Fun Street Art Chalk Event!

5. Chalk It Up! Festival

The Chalk It Up! festival has been going strong for more than 20 years. It’s more than just watching people color on sidewalks — it’s a cultural event with tons of live music, community happenings and, yes, people coloring on sidewalks.

These sidewalk chalk paintings turn boring gray slabs into masterpieces, and you get to watch them progress from beginning to end over the course of this three-day, Labor Day weekend event. It’s also chock-full of family-friendly fun for all ages.

Underground Tours of when Sacramento was buried and had to find a way to survive!

6. Old Sacramento Underground Tour

From fires to floods, Sacramento during the mid-1800s had to literally lift itself up out of ash and mud to become the thriving city it is today. But there are still vestiges of what it took to raise itself up out of the floodwaters.

Tour the buildings and streets that were “jacked up” and get a sense of what the city must have been like nearly 200 years ago. These tours are available Labor Day weekend — or any time you need a historical fix.

Put Your Sleuthing Cap On

Labor Day weekend gives you a chance to do those things you don’t necessarily get to indulge in anytime. Between housework, work work and other obligations, maybe you’ve been missing your opportunity to partake in the escape room craze — well, you’re in luck.

Exit Strategy Games will be open Labor Day weekend. So, get your favorite puzzle solving friends together and book your private room to celebrate your day off today.

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