Top 4 Best Escape Rooms in Sacramento and Surrounding Areas

Needless to say, we here at Exit Strategy Games in Elk Grove, CA (county of Sacramento), would automatically describe ourselves as the best Escape Room in town.  We’re number 1, no questions asked and no bias opinions, right?
Eh, fine you win, we won’t put ourselves on the list.  If someone un-bias were to include us on a list like this, we think we would excel at providing a great game experience through our beloved game master Michael (I mean check out all our 5 Star Yelp reviews that mention his name!) We also have a very unique room entitled the Torture chamber that forces communication, is perfect for big groups of 10 or more (very hard to find in the Sacramento and surrounding areas), so we’re sure we’d get an award for that.  But alas, we can’t put ourselves on our own list.  It’s simply not fair. So in NO particular order, here are the TOP 5 ESCAPE ROOMS IN AND AROUND THE SACRAMENTO AREA.
1.) BEST FOR PRICE AND COMMUNICATION: Quandary Escape Rooms in Roseville, CA has the epic Runaway Train escape room.  Not only do they have some of the best regular prices in town at $25 per ticket (as of this post), but their Runaway Train escape room forces players to communicate in a unique way. This room is perfect for team building activities and friends who really want to test their communication skills.  It’s so unique you’ll be talking about the puzzles and escape room experience for hours after you’re done playing the game.  The owners are obviously excited about escape rooms and that excitement really spreads to the game players.  This escape room should be on anyone’s must play list. 
2.) BEST SET DESIGN: There was a dreaded tie for best set design.  So we’ll start with The Game Room Adventure Cafe in Elk Grove, CA.  Their Ruins of the Tukanii escape room makes you feel like you’re in an actual tomb.  It’s so authentic that you won’t find one english word in this epic escape room full of symbols and intuitive puzzles. The walls are textured and feel real (hopefully they don’t get mad at me if a bunch of escape room players start feeling up their walls), and everything is decorated perfectly and the ambiance is epic.  This is a must see escape room for anyone who loves Indiana Jones, The Mummy, or anything else tomb related.
3.) BEST SET DESIGN: Beat the Room, located in Rocklin, CA has the Captain’s Quarters, a pirate themed escape room. A storm is brewing, the parrot is talking, and I’ve just been transported into an old pirate ship.  It feels like you step into another world when you enter this place.  The puzzles are fun and creative, the set design is amazing, and this is one of the best themed rooms around.  This is a must see escape room for any pirate enthusiasts.
4.) BEST FOR NONSTOP PUZZLE SOLVING ACTION: Escape Sacramento, located in Sacramento, CA, has one of the best nonstop puzzle action rooms I’ve ever seen.  Their Gallery is a non-stop puzzle action good time had by all.  Many escape rooms, especially linear escape rooms, have a common bottleneck problem.  There are many people standing around when there are only one or two puzzles to solve at a time, and many players are left twiddling their thumbs. The Gallery goes for sheer numbers and the excitement just keeps on rolling.
So those are our picks for the TOP 4 BEST ESCAPE ROOMS in and around the Sacramento Area. Check them all out (oh yeah, and us too), and let us know what you think.

9833 Kent Street
Elk Grove, CA 95624
(916) 399-Exit (3948)

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