Top 5 Things To Do In Sacramento

Top 5 Things To Do In Sacramento With Kids

If you remember your state history (or if you’ve been paying attention to your state taxes), you obviously know that Sacramento is The Golden State’s capital. But there is a lot more to this 170-year-old city than just taxes!

In fact, Sacramento is a fantastic place to spend a day with the family. Whether you are a government worker with some break time or parents simply looking for a weekend family escape, there are tons of wonderful things to do in Sacramento with kids.

Here is our list of the top 7 things to do in Sacramento as a family:

  1. Funderland Amusement Park: Need to let the kids blow off some steam, get fed, and maybe hit some rides? Funderland Amusement Park is an easy, full day of fun, safe rides that kids have a blast on. There’s slower-paces rides like The Train, Carousel or Buggies, which are perfect for little ones still adjusting to the sights, sounds and movements of an amusement park. For older kids, Crazy Cups and Flying Dragon have offer fast-paced thrills in a kid friendly coaster.
  2. Fairytale Town: While it looks like an amusement park of sorts, Fairytale Town is actually a nonprofit dedicated to promoting imagination, creativity and literacy in children since 1959. This park is a great place to visit once the kids have some fairytales under their belt, and can recognize their friends from the stories walking throughout the park. The nonprofit designation also means prices are very affordable on most budgets.
  3. SeaQuest Folsom: A great spot for the animal lover in all of us, SeaQuest allows kids to experience animals from every continent, with knowledge guides to help with their curious questions. The fawna range from creatures native to the Amazon River and its jungle canopy, to bioluminescence fish found in the tropic, to the Shark Lagoon, where they can see some of natures most advanced carnivores. Display change frequently, so multiple visits are highly recommended!
  4. The Sacramento Children’s Museum: Designed for children as young as just born to 8 years old, the Sacramento Children’s museum does a marvelous job helping children build an appreciation for life-long learning while building an appreciation for their city. It’s really more than a museum, as children are encouraged to ask questions, think for themselves, and build their problem solving skills through weekly events like Tinker Time, Cultural Connections and Science Sundays.
  5. The California State Railroad Museum: You frequent readers of our blog will notice we used The California State Railroad Museum in a previous list about the best attractions in Sacramento. We had to include it here, as well, since it’s just that special of a place! The railroad played a major part in California’s history, and that history comes alive at this museum. Not only is it a great place to learn some history, but the Polar Express itself makes it’s stop here throughout the holidays! Tickets sell out crazy fast for this so you’ll want to plan well ahead.

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