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Try the Most Challenging Escape Rooms in Elk Grove At Exit Strategy Games

Try The Most Challenging Escape Rooms in Elk Grove At Exit Strategy Games!

Nowadays, people are looking for activities that challenge them mentally. These activities are perfect for those who are always looking for a good challenge and enjoy testing their skills.


If you’re looking for a great mental challenge, you’ll want to try out one of our escape room games at Exit Strategy Games. Our escape rooms in Elk Grove, CA, are the perfect way to sharpen your skills and have fun at the same time! Whether you’re trying to solve a puzzle or working together with a team, our escape rooms provide an exciting and unique experience.




Get To Know Our Escape Rooms In Elk Grove, CA!

The key to every escape room is a locked door, an enigma to decode, and teamwork. You’re locked in a room with 2-12 people. You’ll have the time of your life with your family members, co-workers, or folks that you decided need a good time.


Here are our escape rooms in Elk Grove, CA:


Krampus – Bloody Christmas

You’ve been bad this year – so instead of Saint Nick coming to visit, you’ve been kidnapped by Krampus and taken to his lair. If you want a chance of escaping, you’ll have to get past his evil toys and open all the presents.


Woodbury’s Wizarding School

You’re a N.U.M.A. (aka a Non User of the Magical Arts). However, we suspect you may carry some magical powers within you. We invite you to take our entrance exam for Woodbury’s Wizarding School, just in case. You’ll be tested on different magic skills to see if you’re good enough to join this school.


Pet Snatched

Your grandmother has been accused of stealing your pet Fluffy, but you would never suspect that she would do such a thing. While she’s occupied at Bingo, you’ll break into her house, find Fluffy and get out before she returns home.


Spy vs. Spy

Spy vs. Spy is on as you race to figure out who you are and who you can trust to retrieve the encrypted data before it’s destroyed.


Exit Strategy Games: The Ideal Place To Test Your Skills In Elk Grove, CA!

Do you want to try the escape room games experience in Elk Grove, CA? Then join us at Exit Strategy Games! We offer a variety of escape room games that will push your mental and problem-solving skills to the limit. All you have to do is book your escape game experience now, and we’ll take care of the rest. Contact us today!