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Do you wonder why so many people in the Sacramento area find escape rooms so much fun? Here is the answer!

What’s With Escape Rooms, Anyway?

Escape room mania is in full swing. People are getting out of their living rooms — or their parent’s basement — and experiencing a world of clues, strategy and excitement. Not since the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books or that nine-hour session of D&D have grownups and teenagers been this excited to play.

But really, what gives? Why is the world going gaga over this escape room craze?

Welcome to Real Life

In a world of cell phones, social media and online gaming, escape rooms give you a chance to get out and experience, well, real life. You’re not just a character in a computer game. It’s you, your actual body, locked in a room.

The clues are tangible. You can touch and feel them. The objects in the rooms aren’t just digital pieces on a screen — they have weight and substance.

Working Well With Others

An escape room is not a solitary adventure. Each experience requires at least two or more participants. At some locations, you’re working with strangers. But at Exit Strategy Games, you choose who comes with you on this journey.

To escape the clutches of a creepy serial killer, it requires teamwork, cooperation and communication. That’s why these games make such excellent team-building activities.

Not Your Typical Night Out

Escape rooms put you right in the thick of it. There’s nothing wrong with arcades or bowling, but they may seem just a tad bit boring after solving riddles and hints to beat the clock and escape the room before a bomb blows you up. They require wit, perseverance and stick-to-itiveness. In return, they’ll give you a whole lot of challenges, laughter and fun you won’t soon forget.

Plus, no two escape rooms are quite the same. Each come with their own twists, turns, clues and locks — all in the context of an exciting theme or scenario. At Exit Strategy Games, we let our guests be a CIA operative or a Soviet spy in one room, or the victim of a terrifying encounter in the other.

The Best Escape Room in the Sacramento Area

When you visit the Sacramento area, be sure to make Exit Strategy Games a part of your experience. We love all our guests — from the newbs trying out an escape room for the first time to the seasoned veterans and escape room junkies who travel all over to experience a new thrill.

Escape rooms are for everyone! We serve a wide range of ages all with different skill levels, backgrounds, physical ability and experience. So, whether you’re a sports fanatic, daddy’s little princess or a savvy computer programmer, you’ll love the challenges we offer at the highest-rated escape room in Elk Grove and the whole Sacramento area.

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