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Looking for a things to do in Sacramento during Labor Day Weekend? Read this blog to learn fun things to do Labdor Day Weekend!

What’s Going On In Sacramento This Labor Day Weekend?

Sacramento, as you may or may not be aware, is the capital city of our sunny Golden State. Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily equate to a cool place to hang when you have a three-day weekend on the horizon. If you know where to look, though, Sacramento can be your perfect escape this Labor Day weekend.

Don’t scour the internet looking for fun things to do during this “workingman’s holiday.” And don’t skedaddle out of town looking for bigger and better vacation plans. Sacramento is bursting at the seams with unique events and fun happenings that will make your Labor Day weekend an exciting experience for one and all. If you’re sitting at home bored, that’s on you — here are some things you won’t want to miss in the Sacramento area this Labor Day.

Get Your Lobster Feed On

Grab your bib and prepare to indulge in your favorite red crustacean. The Labor Day Lobster Feed is a fork-free event and the perfect way to kick off your Labor Day weekend. Expect steaming pots of delectable seafood, sumptuous wine and live music so good it’ll get you on your feet dancing in no time.

Glow Like Nobody’s Business

Now that 80s celebrations are firmly established as “a thing,” what better way to spend your Labor Day weekend than grabbing your favorite neon swimwear for an exclusive pool party à la the yuppie decade? Is this Glow pool party celebration more about swimming or more about the swimsuit fashions? Who knows! But it’s bound to be one heck of a shindig.

Look Ma! I’m on a Boat!

If you’re looking for the best Labor Day “sails,” you won’t find them at the local mall. Don’t let the warm weather slip by without one last hurrah. The Labor Day Boat Party is the perfect way to bid bon voyage to the summer season. This party has it all — hours of sailing in the bay, live DJs to get things lit plus two fully stocked open bars.

Get Hopped up at the Annual Beer Crawl

Whether you consider yourself a beer snob or you just can’t get enough barley and hops, we’ve got your perfect stop this Labor Day weekend. The Labor Day Weekend Craft Beer Crawl is a free event for all you beer lovers out there. Wait, what? That’s right — free! You’ll explore some of Sacramento’s best breweries and taprooms as you get your fill of the golden good stuff.

Escape Into a One-of-a-Kind Adventure

Don’t torture your way through another mundane holiday. Instead, get snatched up into something that will engage your mind and thrill your senses in just 60 minutes. It’s not a conspiracy. There really is an activity that can deliver it all — come to the Sacramento area’s own Exit Strategy Games.

Whether you’re looking for an excuse to take that hot guy out or you’re searching for a group activity for the fam, we’ll deliver the fun in 60 minutes or less. And sure, that’s because each room is timed, but that enhances the experience.

Don’t wait! Book your private escape room adventure at Exit Strategy Games today.


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