Wizarding School

You are a N.U.M.A. (Aka a Non User of the Magical Arts). However, we suspect you might have some magical powers within you. We’ve invited you to take our entrance exam to Woodbury’s Wizarding School. You’ll be tested on various magical aspects to see if you can gain entrance to our magical school.

Woodbury’s Wizarding School

Magical Escape Room Games In Elk Grove, CA

PREMIUM – Private Escape Room

At Exit Strategy Games, we believe that we all have a little magic inside us. It’s just a matter of time and skills to reach its full potential. Will you take this challenge?

If you are sure that magic is your thing, then don’t hesitate to try out Woodbury’s Wizarding School PREMIUM – Private Escape Room. This room was designed for magic and wizarding fans who want to test their skills and check if they’re worthy of a Woodbury’s admission letter.

This escape room is available for 2 to 8 players starting at $140 per game. Gather your friends and test your skills to see who will earn the Supreme Wizard title. No matter your age, this is the room that you must try! It has a hard level of difficulty! Remember that a group of three teenagers once saved the world of witchcraft.






Starting At



2 Players

$70 per player
($140 per game)

3 Players

$46.67 per player
($140 per game)

4-8 Players

$35 per player

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