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Noel’s Nutty Christmas | Exit Strategy Games

Noel's Nutty Christmas


2-12 players

60 minutes

medium difficulty

STANDARD -Private Escape Room

Saving Christmas: You Have One Hour to Open All The Presents And Free
The Squirrels

Your Nutty Aunt Noel worked late into the night to get all the Christmas presents wrapped. Noel’s house was a chaotic mess when she was finished, and she was frazzled but at least her presents were ready to go for Christmas.  When she went to check on her beloved pet squirrels for the night they were missing!

She called on you for help. You realize her pet squirrels were up to their normal shenanigans, and they hid inside her wrapped presents!

This game is filled with an abundance of adorable squirrels and chaotic non-stop present opening puzzle solving fun! This game is perfect for both adults and children alike with a mix of easy, medium, and hard puzzles. 

So, can you help Noel rescue her squirrels in time to re-wrap the presents and save Christmas?

family friendly

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